canadohta lake ghost hunter society

we do many out side places like gudgenville bridge and tamarack swamp

john brown tannery

we have gone there two times now.

first time we went there we had shadows,orbs.and we got touched.

the second time we went there we took some guest with us and we all seen with our eyes orbs that kind of interact with us.had a good time and it was nice meeting you tammy and jim.

privet house in waterford

we got evps and videos thank you so much for asking us to investagate for you.

a private buisness in union city,pa

had a good time .

got a shadow figuer on video,pic of a lady sitting in basement


we are ghost hunters who love to hunt

we have investagate bridges and roads,and some buildings. 



gudgeonville bridge

we been here 4 times.the firsttime was when we first got started.we got orbs and faces.some of us heard and tom was standing by the bridge we heard a little girl whisper.others heard of the team heard old carneval music. the second time we went there was only 3 of us that got out it was after the the bridge had burnd. 3 others set in the was very dark that nite,the 3 of us stood together with our back to each other.we could feel the spirts all around us.there was good and evail out there. the 3 that stayed in the cars was very scared. 2 of them seen a black figure circleing the cars. the third time we went was a little differnt than the second time there was more of us .we could still feel the spirtes.we got mist on pic that is in our photo gallery we just know how to explane it. I my self had a experions in one spote I would stand I would get dizzy and couldnt stand.on the forth and finle time we seen black shadow figures. heard noises,some of the team felt something touch them.each time we went out ther we got orbs.


tamarack swamp

we have gone to here 3 times so for.2 of them was in day time and once at nite. the first time we went was in the day time.we got som pics there.the second time we went was at was so dark there you could feel the spirtes of our to had only made it past the gate and had to turn around.the rest of us only made it about 100 feet or a little more but it wasnt far in and we turned around and came back member seen a black figure standing off to the side of him so he pick up his camera to take a pic and the figure was face to face with him.we got out side of the gate and we stood there.we could here eerie laughters.we was standing there it got realy cooled and a gust of wind blow and I turned and look towards the cars and in front of one of them was a back end of a car that wasnt realy there.we snaped pic and got a red streek and at the front of that red streek was a face.we got orbs and other faces on pics too. on our third time out there it was in the day light.we walked all the way up to the other gate.we could hear some voices.We went back at nite.we walked all the way to the first bridge.on the way back it was very foggy.when we got the first bridge wasn't much actvite going on at first.but we heard a big splash and the actvite started.we turn back and walked.and we heared noises.we got back to the gate and we stooled there for a while.we got pics of good and bad ghost.we also got amean voice on the was a very weird nite.we been goinhg hear alot lately.made it over first bridge almost to second one.there is so much activity going on out there.went back out there we where chased by something. got some vocies on recorder one side if there lucky.went here again seen lots of shadow figures.


dewy bridge

we have gone out there 2 time both at nite. the first time we went out there we got pics of of the team members got a pic of a girl setting in the front set of a others team members car.the second time we went out felt differnt we got 2 orbs flying together.we got a face on video.heard nosies and we heard a evil growl.I aslo got a purple light from what I do not know.

union city dam

our latest investagateion.we was told there is a lady careing a gun and diging a hole, a man with a big hole in his chest, anda man looking over the watet out there.the first time out there we haered a lot of nosies and a couple the team was touched. i think it was playing with us.didn't get much that time.the second time out there there was only 4 team members and 2 geust. we heard sounds and seen stuff.we saw black shadow figurs.some pics too. not yet done still going back again.  went back got pics of oribs. seen figuers agian.our emf reader went off differnet times.on the recorder we got noise like some one chocking a whisper and someone saying water.went here with some guest and our new investagater heard voices and figures.our new investagater got scratchedon the arm.

state game lands

we have gone to sevral diff.ones. the one we get most at is the one off of rtr.8 there is good and there is bad out there.we cought a black shodow figuger on vidieo.we talked to a female ghost with the emf reader.another place we went to we got oribs in it was the name bob .very scary at that one.  

johnstown road

this is a very scary place.the first night out therewe got pics and we got scared.we asked who was out the and female replaid katie.asked it why are u here it replaid help me. the one of us asked should we be scared of you and we all heared with our own ears not throw a recorder yah and we asked again and it said YES!.the second time we got katie to talke  again and they asked for help again.there is also shadow figuers out there.thired time we had guest with us and one got attacked. went back out thereit wasonly 4 and a guest saw a man ghost he showed him self to us.went there again there was 5 of us 2 ofuswas grabed and team member was bit by a ghost,it got hot and burned and it bleed a little.we got lots on the recorder this time seen alot of figers. 

a liitle somthing

we have done a run down very small cabin and got pics.

we also done a privet house in witch we will keep it confidential.


i was told that there was a little boy that was killed out there.also they say a man hung him self out there.

so I took my team out there we walked down the took us about 15min. to get down to the old was very scarey there.we felt apparitions all around us.a train came but i do beleive it was a phantom train.we did get a evil pic. 

went out there again.very eivl and very scarey. got more bad pics. heared some very scary stuff there. dont go there.nothing nice out there. 


knickerbocker hotel

we went here on oct.30th and we had fun.

we recorded orbs all over this place.most of the team had personel expreince.we where touched. we heared vocies and some saw a black a couple of pics. it was different than what we usely do.the owner was very nice.        

looking for info

dose any one know where I can find out about a place the call the furnace in sandy lake,pa its a old steel mill that burned down? any one know of the old insane asylum in torrance, pa.tring to get in contact with some one so we can investagate it.

loomis cemetry

this is small cemetary.we went there to times now.the firsttime we went there the team was touched,hair pulled,breathing,noises,and even talking.we got recordings some said don't go witch 2us heared it with our own ears. the second time it was raining so we didnt get much but saw shawdoe figures and 2 us heared some thing say go go now.  

 WV. prirson

we had good time.we got pics,videos,and evps.we got k2 and emf readings.we had a couple of personal expernce.we can say there is paranormal actvity but is it huanted i cant say.just not evidence to say

a old house (privet house)

we gone two times so one time this house was a stag coach stop and part of the underground railraod. the first time it was calm we hear vocies of women,hear laughter,saw shadows and got alot of oribs.the second time.we saw more shadows heard talking and this time more men then women.also we heared  humming. more scaryer this time.planing on going back one more time. on the 3rd time we got a bunch of stuff like kids.we have gone back and got more evidence of more activity.will post pics soon. 

private house

weasked to come in andsee ifthe placewas haunted.they wasseeing shadows andhearing nosies.we went we had a lot of hitson the k-2 and the orbs now is it haunted don't think so doses it have activity yes some. 

a family thats need help

we are currently investagating a privet house where a little girl is being attack by a ghost,she is being far we got vocies on recorder and now we are going back to see if we can get any more evidence and then to get rid of it.

conneaut lake hotel

had a very good time here,i can say this place has activity.we had a night vision cam on and we got orbs .we even got to "see" elizabeth and other ghost.would love to go back there.

poasttown elementary school in ohio

love this place got lots of stuff,lots personal experonces too

i will go back there very good place. the ohio ghost hunters are very nice people,it was nice to meet them,

to the one that keeps putting forums on here



we now are on face book so come join in

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miller farm cemetery

not as scary as every one saids it is.seen shadows,orbs,and heard voices.